De Luz communities are 15 to 30 minutes from the I-15 freeway, but are somewhat isolated and are in an area where fire, particularly, can be a major threat and emergency medical support can take longer to arrive than you expect. It is important to be prepared and practiced in emergency procedures such as first aid and evacuation routes (scroll down to see below).

Fire, Rescue, Police, Sheriff, CHP, Medical
9-1-1When calling from a landline or a cell phone tell the operator WHERE YOU ARE first.
Then answer every question the operator asks.
Do not hang up until asked to by the 911 operator."

For questions or to report non-emergencies email our local Deputy Sheriff, Deputy H. Garcia:

Non-Emergency951-696-3000Southwest Riverside Sheriff's Station30755-A Auld Road, Murrieta, CA, 92563 (not close by)
Animal Control951-358-7387Western Riverside County Animal Services Department
Fire InfoRiverside County Fire Incident Info

EVACUATION ROUTES from De Luz Communities
De Luz Community Services District Map

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If there is a fire, obviously you need to escape in the OPPOSITE direction,
BUT a big fire will spread rapidly and jump around, so you need to be very familiar with ALL the escape routes.

There are several "exit roads" out of De Luz:
  • Carancho Road (PINK) west from DeLuz Road to Los Gatos Road north to Tenaja and north to Clinton Keith Road and I-15
  • DeLuz Road (BLUE) northeast to Guava Street, Murrieta
  • OR southwest to Fallbrook
  • Rancho California Road (RED) east to Temecula
  • Sandia Creek Drive (RED-ORANGE) south to Fallbrook
  • OR north to Avenida del Oro and Rancho California Road to Temecula
  • Via Santa Rosa (GREEN) north to Rancho California Road to Temecula,
  • OR Via Santa Rosa south and east to Via Gorrion (right) to Camino Estribo (left) becomes Pujol Street and (right) to the 1st Street Bridge to Old Town.
  • WARNINGS about "Internal" roads
    Via Vaquero (YELLOW) and Avenida del Oro (ORANGE) show on most maps as going north through Cross Creek Golf Course; they really do not.
    In the north Vaquero fords through the actual Creek and is not for sedans and inexperienced drivers, especially in the rainy season. Pickup trucks and larger SUV's in serious emergencies.
    In the south Via Vaquero threads through orchards and finally connects to Via Santa Rosa, which going north connects to Rancho California Road and going south connects (right turn) to Via Gorrion, then (left turn) to Camino Estribo which turns into Pujol Street before intersecting with the 1st Street bridge into Old Town.

    Avenida del Oro has several branch roads near its end at the golf course, otherwise you will drive ON the fairway.

    Los Gatos Road north off Carancho (both shown in PINK) is a very steep road which would be hazardous in bad weather.

    DeLuz Road (BLUE) in the northeast is not paved down the hill to Guava Street in Murrieta.

    There is a "fire refuge" shown on some maps at the northwestern tip of La Cruz Drive. This is a small dirt turn-around and would not provide shelter from surging fire.

    It is stongly recommended that
    residents find each of these routes and practice them at least once.
    If we are told to evacuate in the middle of the night,
    you will want to know how to evacuate AWAY from the fire!